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As part of Pitane Mobility, we are proud of the growth and success we achieve for our customers with our software.

Available from as little as 17.95 EUR per month.


30+ years of innovation

We have been providing advanced cab software for over 30 years for ZZPs and small or large cab companies.


Integrated software

We continuously strive for 99% customer satisfaction with our Pitane Pallas solutions.


Professional services

Our customer base consists of more than 150 professional companies in the Netherlands and Belgium that we work with on a daily basis.


User satisfaction

98% of our users are satisfied with our mobile software and recommend us to colleagues.

What services do we still offer?

Discover our versatile services in software and online services: from customized cab ride booking for business or private transportation to airport transfers, the Pitane Pallas tablet software ensures efficient ride handling in the cab.

How do I order the starter kit ?

Order your starter kit quickly and easily online through this website.

What is the delivery time of the software?

The delivery time of Pitane Pallas software depends on your specific requirements and the size of the number of systems to be activated. Our experts work closely with you to ensure a seamless integration and rapid commissioning, tailored to your cab business. We usually do this between 1 to 3 business days after receiving your payment.

More on all the features of the software.

Pitane Driver for iOS or Android is ideally suited for interfacing with CHIRON, the Flemish Government’s database.

Pitane Driver

suitable for iOS and Android phones
EUR 49.95 per month
(subscription minimum 12 months)


Integrating real-time data with systems such as CDT from the Environment or Transport Inspection and Chiron from the Belgian government is an example of how technology can help build bridges between private companies and government regulation, leading to improved services, efficiency and compliance. This system provides full transparency to the government, allowing cab companies to demonstrate their reliability and integrity.

“Pitane Pallas pleased us very much during the first Practice Test of the ILT. An excellent and affordable solution that delivers what it promises.” – Taxicentrale De Meierij, Jan van Kasteren

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