Pitane Pallas Starter Package


Our starter package offers everything. We have the software installed on a Samsung tablet and supply a thermal printer along for your trip receipt. Be sure to order a license Pitane Pallas for CDT or Pitane Pallas for CHIRON with the purchase of this starter kit.

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The Android software links real-time data with external entities such as Chiron of the Belgian government or the Central Database Taxi (CDT) of the Inspectorate of the Environment, ensuring a smooth data flow. The software speaks to drivers and customers in their preferred language, supporting Dutch, English, French and German, at no extra cost. With a centrally registered PIN, new user profiles can be easily and securely created, streamlining the integration of new drivers into the Pitane Mobility network.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 452 × 345 × 86 cm