Article 1: General

These return conditions apply to all digital products, including software licenses, provided by Pitane BV.

Article 2: Licensing.

When purchasing a software license from Pitane BV, the buyer receives a license key that provides access to the purchased software. Release of the license key occurs immediately after purchase via electronic transfer.

Article 3: Exclusion of the right of withdrawal.

  1. Final Purchase: Once the license key is released to the buyer, the purchase is considered final. Pitane BV does not take back items and does not allow refunds after the release of a license key.
  2. Exceptions: No exceptions can be made to this rule unless the software has demonstrable substantial technical defects that cannot be repaired within a reasonable time.

Article 4: Technical problems

If the software has technical problems, Pitane BV undertakes to provide a solution within a reasonable period of time. If the problems are not solvable, appropriate compensation may be considered in consultation with the client.

Article 5: Contact Information

For questions or complaints regarding the license or the software, the customer can contact Pitane BV customer service. Contact information can be found on the company’s website.

Article 6: Changes

Pitane BV reserves the right to modify these return conditions at any time. The current terms and conditions can always be consulted on the Pitane BV website.